Monday, May 25, 2009

The Bat House!

You may not see it, even if you are looking for it, but the benefits of our new bat house are countless. Bats are a vital predator and help maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

Our bat house sits 15 feet up in tree facing southeast. When the bats arrive they will help keep the insect population down and improve the garden environment.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning-2009

On May 9th the members of the Thompsonville Community Garden participated in the annual Spring Cleaning. Members worked hard preparing beds, adding new beds, adding shelves in the shed, creating flower beds and starting seedlings in their own garden plots.

A big thanks goes to the Enfield Department of Public Works who helped members build new beds, delivered compost and ran the heavy machinery. They were a big help!

Marty and Trish work on building a new bed with the help of the Enfield DPW.

Big thanks to the Enfield DPW!

Prepping beds for the 2009 growing season!

The entire family is working hard!

April Gardener of the Month

Congratulations do Allen Phursion, the Thompsonville Community Garden April 2009 Gardener of the Month! Allen started his garden early this year with a variety of flowers, some early vegetables and some early tomatoes. Allen also added some mulch to his garden to help retain moisture and add nutrients. Great work Allen!

Thompsonville Community Garden news and notes-May 17

Even though the weather has not been the best seedlings are starting to pop up through the dirt! Many plots now have lettuce, radish, spinach and peas growing from seed. Now lets hope for warm, sunny days to aid those who have put in some other their own plants.

A couple of garden updates. The side gate (near Yankee Bait and Tackle) has been locked and will remained locked for the duration of the summer. This week we will be contacting a locksmith to put a combination lock on the main gate. Members will get the combination as soon as the lock goes on. We will also be putting a combination lock on the shed on Planting Day. This will enable members to access the tools in the shed throughout the growing season.

We are also putting together some signage to aid members in the garden. We'll be putting up signs on the compost bins and a couple other places in the garden to help everyone become better gardeners.

Finally, if you see someone with a dog in the garden please politely ask them to leave. Animal waste is not good for the garden and our garden is not a dog park.

That's all for now! Hope to see everyone at Planting Day, May 30th starting at 10am.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thompsonville Community Garden Education Days-2009

The Thompsonville Community Garden, in cooperation with the University of Connecticut Master Gardner Program, has organized monthly education days. During these training sessions garden members will learn about a number of gardening techniques.

Get your pen and paper ready. Here are the dates for the 2009 season!

Saturday May 9th 10am-Spring Cleanup Workday: How to Weed and How to Plant Vegetables

Saturday May 30th 10am-Planting Day

Sunday June 7th 3pm-Learn How to Compost and Take Care of Perennials

Sunday July 5th 3pm-Learn How to Help Your Plants Through the Stress of Summer
(Heat Stress and Pest Management)

Sunday August 2nd 3pm-Walk Through,… We Answer your Garden Questions!

Sunday Sept 6th 3pm-How to Harvest, Cook and Store your Vegetables

Saturday Oct 17th 10am-Fall Cleanup Workday: Extending the Season, Seed Saving and Seed Starting for next year

For more information please contact or call 253-6358

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2008 members-Contact us now!

If you had a plot in the Thompsonville Community Garden during the 2008 growing season and would like to keep that plot please contact us by May 15th!

Our waiting list is growing and if you are moving on please let us know so we can get a new member into that space as soon as possible.

Contact the Thompsonville Community Garden by email at or by phone at 860-253-6358

Finally, come join us on May 9th at 10am as we clean-up the garden, plant some flowers and prep garden plots for the 2009 season!