Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thompsonville Community Garden news and notes-May 17

Even though the weather has not been the best seedlings are starting to pop up through the dirt! Many plots now have lettuce, radish, spinach and peas growing from seed. Now lets hope for warm, sunny days to aid those who have put in some other their own plants.

A couple of garden updates. The side gate (near Yankee Bait and Tackle) has been locked and will remained locked for the duration of the summer. This week we will be contacting a locksmith to put a combination lock on the main gate. Members will get the combination as soon as the lock goes on. We will also be putting a combination lock on the shed on Planting Day. This will enable members to access the tools in the shed throughout the growing season.

We are also putting together some signage to aid members in the garden. We'll be putting up signs on the compost bins and a couple other places in the garden to help everyone become better gardeners.

Finally, if you see someone with a dog in the garden please politely ask them to leave. Animal waste is not good for the garden and our garden is not a dog park.

That's all for now! Hope to see everyone at Planting Day, May 30th starting at 10am.

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