Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 Planting Day, Saturday, May 11, 2013

 Planting Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 11th from 10 a.m. to noon

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  1. This Garden and the way it is run is a disgrace. There is a "gardener" named Steve that tears up plots when he feels the need and plants whatever he wants. He claims these plants are for everyone so he is not charged.But truth is, when he gets tired of taking care of them, he just lets them go and it looks disgusting.
    Steve will also spay your plants with pesticide. I have seen him do so! So wash them before you eat anything.
    You are required to give so many hours of your time & pay for your Plots & to the care and cleaning of other plots(it's in your contract), but when you do help others, you are reported and accused of stealing from their plots.
    So this is a Warning to ALL in Enfield who wish to get involved, DON'T!! STAY AWAY!!
    Marti is NEVER available to answer questions. He NEVER returns Emails. And it is an Act of congress to get him by phone.

    Steve is allowed to do whatever he pleases as does the "Director", Tom(I believe), who is NOT even the "Director" according to the Enfield Town Hall, the office who knows who is who and who isn't.
    This so called "Director" is pompous, Rude, and chauvinistic! He hangs out at the Grey Club quite often and drives a Green Ranger. BEWARE of this Man! He is NOT to be Trusted! His introduction to one woman when she commented on her dirty, sweaty hands, was "that's they why I like my women." Not only was she offended and taken aback, she reported him for his actions. NOT the type of person to be Sharing ANYTHING with.
    People Jump the Fence and steal all the "fruits of your labor" and no one cares.
    There is a woman who had a plot all planted and was donating her crop to the Soup Kitchen, well, Steve tore up all her plants in her plot and decided to put his own in there. This is something he did to 2 others in the past years. He needs to be banned! He has another garden he does, I guess at the Senior Center or a Church. But at this Garden, because no one cares, he runs everything! And if you see Camera's, THEY ARE FAKE!! Just so you know!
    There needs to be an OVER HAUL of who runs this place in order for it to be successful.
    When I was planting my crop, I knew more about how to grow Broccoli & Cauliflower then Marti. He had NO clue you MUST tie your leaves AROUND the Heads so they don't burn or turn bitter! Master Grower? Really?
    For those who have been there and have had success, AWESOME!! But I know it is because you don't put in your time with other plots or do anything but your own. Furthermore, it is because you are not located near the Fence were kids spit on your plots, through crap in them, try to tear them down, etc...
    I ask, from the bottom of my heart, Marti, as a master grower, you need to re-educate yourself. Steve needs to be banned from the Garden and taking peoples plots and drinking on that parcel all together, and Tom also needs to be banned! He lives in SUFFIELD, WHY IS HE IN ENFIELD??
    I think this needs to go to higher authority because they way things are getting down now are not right or fair!